What is a Soy Candle?

Soy wax has some natural characteristics which are important to know about when purchasing a soy candle. While not impacting the quality or burn of the candle, you may notice dimples or pitting on the top of your candle after it’s been burned and begins to harden again. This is very common in soy candles and the rough top is actually a sign that you have a natural soy candle! Soy wax also has a tendency to “frost.” This is the white looking markings that form on your candle. It’s seen easiest on candles which have color. This again is not something that would affect the quality or burn of your candle, but rather just the look. If this is something that you find unattractive, choose a lighter colored candle like our Pina Colada, Coconut Cream Pie, or Cinnamon Buns! All natural soy candles will frost overtime.

When using our candles or wax melts, make sure to pay attention to the warning labels. Do not leave products unattended, trim your wick to ¼ inch before burning, and always make sure nothing flammable is around the flame. For the first time burning your candle, make sure to let it burn until there is a full melt pool. A melt pool is the amount of wax that has melted on top of your candle. Make sure that this pool of melted wax reaches the edges of your jar and covers the whole top. If you blow out your candle too soon (before reaching a full melt pool), you may cause your candle to tunnel.