• Do you ship worldwide?

    No.  For more information, go to our “Shipping Policy” page.

  • My package has arrived damaged/has the wrong products/is missing products.

    Please contact us via the “Customer Care” page, submit the form using “Order Issues” page and we will contact you directly to replace this order.

  • Do you accept wholesale orders/custom item requests?

    Yes and yes. Bulk orders can only be done with candles orders only. Please contact us through the “Customer Care” page, submit the form. If you see a product on the site that you would like to either customize or order multiples of a (*)unique craft, please email us directly at [email protected] with the information.

    * Note that our Unique Crafts are typically One-Of-A-Kind, so if we try to make multiples of them bear in mind that it may not look exactly like the next but we will try out best to do so.